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We are pleased to announce a new collaborative research initiative designed to promote Sterne and his legacies, both to enrich further study and to broaden general interest.

Sterne scholars Helen Williams (Northumbria University) and Mary Newbould (University of Cambridge) have been granted a prestigious AHRC (Arts & Humanities Research Council, UK) award to co-design a Digital Library of Sterne and Sterneana, in collaboration with Cambridge University Library.

The Sterne Digital Library will showcase key items from Cambridge’s Sterne holdings, and in particular its extensive collections of Sterneana, to bring a much wider audience to investigate hitherto rare material than has previously been possible. ThFig 5.2e project will also involve developing links with the unique collections of the Laurence Sterne Trust held at Shandy Hall.






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For further information, please contact Helen ( and/or Mary (