Coming soon in 2020 from Bucknell University Press: 

Laurence Sterne’s ‘A Sentimental Journey’:  ‘A Legacy to the World’

A collection of essays edited by W. B. Gerard and M-C. Newbould, with Melvyn New

Craig Maria 1803 (2)

2018 saw the 250-year anniversary of the publication of Laurence Sterne’s A Sentimental Journey through France and Italy, and of the author’s own death. Sterne called his second major fiction his ‘work of redemption’, and it has touched, entertained, and intrigued readers since. This will be the first essay collection wholly dedicated to A Sentimental Journey, bringing new readings of this text and of the wider contexts in which it appeared to light. The volume includes new explorations of affect, culture, gender, class, religion and nation, and studies of connections between A Sentimental Journey and other works by Sterne and his contemporaries.

Contributors and contents:

Shaun Regan, “Gentlemen, Servants, and Rough Sons of Nature: Mediating                    Masculinities in A Sentimental Journey

Gynis Ridley, “‘To know firsthand that animals have feelings’: Sterne’s Journey into Animal Affect”

Julia Banister, “Yorick’s War: Masculinity and Militarism in Tristram Shandy and A Sentimental Journey

Chris Ewers, “Spatial Digression and the Borders of Knowledge in A Sentimental Journey

Alexander Hardie-Forsyth, “(O)economy and Order: Laurence Sterne’s Chaptering”

Fraser Easton, “Yorick’s Speech: Elocution in A Sentimental Journey

Jennifer Preston Wilson, “‘the thing told itself’: A Thing Theory Reading of A Sentimental Journey

Melvyn New, “Boswell and Sterne in 1767-68: A Relationship Revisited”

Peter Budrin, “The Shadow of Eliza in A Sentimental Journey

Paul Goring, “Debt, Death, and Literary Inheritance: The Ends of Sterne and A Sentimental Journey

Pat Rogers, “Sterne, A Sentimental Journey, and History”


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