Utrecht 2019

War and Peace in the Age of Sterne


The third International Laurence Sterne Foundation conference will be held from 31st October-2nd November 2019 in Utrecht, a key location to Tristram Shandy’s historical backdrop.




You can find the Call for Papers here.


You can find details about venue, travel, accommodation and registration on this site.




Tell me then, my dear brother Shandy, upon which of them it is, that when I condemned the peace of Utrecht, and grieved the war was not carried on with vigour a little longer, you should think your brother did it upon unworthy views; or that in wishing for war, he should be bad enough to wish more of his fellow-creatures slain,—more slaves made, and more families driven from their peaceful habitations, merely for his own pleasure:——Tell me, brother Shandy, upon what one deed of mine do you ground it?

Tristram Shandy